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Using a USB key on an Omniscan MX

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Omniscan MX particularity

One good thing to know about Omniscan MX is that you can only save file on the media you last opened a file on. If by example the setup file you opened is located on the (SD/MMC) of the Omniscan, you can only save your files onto this same media.

In normal operation it is common that you use only one storage (USB or MMC/SD), but when it is time to export something in the field, USB is common way to output files from the device and it could be annoying to manage this particularity of the MX. This is why we are going to give you a workaround to get around this.


If you opened a file on the (MMC/SD) media and want to save the configuration or data file on USB instead, just follow these easy steps:

  • Go into the Save menu.
  • You can see that the destination choice is grayed out to your (SD/MMC) media.
  • Now go to the Open menu and change the media to your USB drive.
  • Without selecting anything else, go back to the Save menu.
  • Now the destination choice should be grayed out to your USB drive.

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