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How to setup WiFi connection as Transport

Create or Select a Transport

Select the transport profile you want to use and press Next or press the + in the right corner to create a new profile.

Choose Transport type

Select the Transport type you want to use for your operations. Transport in the Nubitus operations is seen as the transfer method for files to reach a Destination.

Please note that Nubitus is currently only supporting WiFi as transport mode.

Standard input method

Enter the SSID (The wireless network identification) and the Password for your wireless network and press “Save”.

Accelerated input method

On the WiFi information input screen, press on the “List” button. You will be presented to a list of the actual WiFi networks seen by your mobile device. Press on the desired wireless network SSID and it will be used as SSID name for the profile creation.

Please note that this feature is not yet available in the iOS version of NubitusApp.

Wireless network selection

Back on the Transport selection screen, select the Transport profile you want to use. If you just created a new profile, it will be automatically selected. The selection is made by the green mark on the item line. Press the “Next” button to continue to the Destination selection screen.

Multiple wireless networks selection

By selecting or creating more than one profile in the Transport screen, you can provide to the Nubitus up to 2 Transport profiles. They are going to be identified with the green check mark.

To remove a Transport profile from the selection, click again on the item in the list and the green mark is going to disappear.

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