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Pilot Process

Integrating a new tool in a team workflow could be challenging. We recognize this challenge and we have created an integration process in 5 easy steps to facilitate Nubitus integration.

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Prepare “Pilot Run“

You need to buy 2 to 5 Nubitus keys with services

Solution Integration

Nubitus team connects the App and the keys to your server

Online Training

Our training team takes care of your IT and your team of inspectors

Start the “pilot”

We provide you with a supported trial period

Closing Meeting

Both our teams plan the full ingation of the Nubitus solution in your business

#1 Prepare “Pilot Run“

We walk before we run, we say. At Nubitus we think it should be the same for our solution. Therefore, you do not need to buy hundreds of units right off the bat. We strongly suggest running a pilot before we fully integrate Nubitus in your workflow. Thus, to prepare the “pilot run” you need to start by buying our Pilot Package.

#2 Server Solution Integration

Once you have done the first step, Nubitus team will connect the App and the keys to your FTP server or your cloud solution. To simplify the pilot, the structure of your files will remain the same. We could provide you some advice on the best available solution to avoid common pitfalls later on.


In this second stage, the Nubitus team will make sure you have all the equipment needed to make the pilot work. First, we are taking care of Wifi solutions (hotspot or router). Second, we could advise you on different limitations you can get depending on the application (e.g.: Refineries regulations).

#3 Online Training

Training is then an important part of the process. We have created the Nubitus certification which assures that the employee knows the basics about the product. Nubitus is not a complicated product, but we want to make sure every potential question is answered. We go through all these subjects:


  • App overview and navigation
  • Key overview
  • Users, teams, security roles, and security structure
  • Introduction to processes: account, data management, workflows
  • Configuration: key connection, Wifi, encryption, destination, GPS tags, compression

#4 Start the “Pilot”

After the third stage of preparation, it is time to go on the field and test it. During this 4 to 6 week trial period, our team will fully support you. The Nubitus team will provide you a direct service line for any questions. Both teams discuss on a weekly basis to be sure everything is moving forward. Finally, we fully support your IT team if anything occurs. Ths premium service is offered to make sure that your investment is taken care of.

#5 Closing Meeting

Finally, after two months of the pilot run, we all sit down together for a recap. From there, we plan the full integration of the Nubitus solution in your business with our sales team. When do you want to get started?

Want to get started, Choose your service package.

Basic / $924,95 One time Regular / $2684,95 First year Premium / $3144,95 First year
Includes all 32 GB kit plus:
Full integration by nubitus team to your own solution (FTP, VPN, propriety cloud)
Full integration by nubitus team to your new BOX account
Nubitus care (Full repair – usage in normal condition)
Access to the key’s new features
Premium support (Online and offline support)
1274,95 to 1514,95: Price for following years