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Nubitus integration is no longer an issue

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As you know nubitus is a connected tool which automates NDT file management on any inspection instrument equipped with a USB port. Easy to use, the nubitus key receives updated configurations from your office and transfers acquired inspection data automatically on your own private server or cloud solution. The key does not require any manipulation or laptop with compression encryption and GPS tagging. For the NDT industry, it is a game changer in terms of efficiency and data security.

The response from the NDT about the product is excellent since data is critical to the industry. More and more businesses are integrating the product to their normal team’s process. Organisations gain efficiency, Level 3’s stay more often at the office, Level 1’s cover more ground in a day, so every department seems to be happy… but the IT team.

We were aware that nubitus was representing energy to integrate to your own IT solution whether you have a FTP solution, a VPN solution or a private/public cloud solution. It was just logical, we were only offering the nubitus without a full integration support team. IT were essentially on their own, until now!

We have heard you! We have created new services to respond to all your potential IT problems related to the nubitus integration. Therefore, our team will be able to integrate nubitus in your own IT solution, train the IT team and the inspectors, give online or offline support if you have any issues. In addition, if you do not have a cloud solution, we are resellers of Box or Workpad. We cover it all and more.

Of course, all comes at a price, but to enjoy the benefits of nubitus knowing that we have your back if any problems occur, it’s worth it!

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