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New Feature: Nubitus is Now Bidirectional

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When we were thinking about Nubitus, our thoughts were oriented on solving a significant problem in the NDT workflow. We were looking to create a simple device that will ease inspection. By simplifying, we mean: automate non-valuable processes to gain resources efficiency.

We accomplished a part of this target when we released the first version of Nubitus. This first version consisted of:

  • Automatically sends data to a server
  • Auto-delete when data is transferred
  • Back up of data instantly created
  • File encryption
  • Secured FTP connection
  • GPS location of any collected file
  • Compatible with almost every server or cloud solution

On top of this, Nubitus is compatible with all instruments with a USB port. Those features are pretty powerful. Nubitus is capable of pushing inspection files from almost anywhere in the world to the headquarters automatically without a laptop. It could provide enough benefits to solve most of the NDT workflow problems.

Even with those features, we were not comfortable to say that the job was done.

Many of our customers were telling us that something was missing and they were all pointing to the same problem. That problem being, inspectors need a laptop to receive last-minute configuration changes and sometimes that can be troublesome. For instance, if the inspector is far away or hanging at 300 feet in the air to a windmill and needs to revert to Level 3 settings, can the inspector receive configuration without a laptop?

At that time the simple answer was no…until now! Nubitus is not only able to push information to a proprietary cloud solution but it’s now capable of receiving configuration files or other data.

In the actual NDT context, businesses need to be more efficient to be more competitive which has an impact on a lot of things. One of those is to assign the right personnel at the right place. For example, keep a Level 3 in the office while the Level 1 works in the field. To accomplish that you need the right tool. With Nubitus your Level 1, 2 and 3 have never been so close!

If you want to test it at the ASNT Annual Conference 2017. Come by our booth #607.

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