We make your job simpler by offering a solution that cut short your workflow and make you more efficient. From now on, you will concentrate on what you do best.

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NDT industry

Nubitus is offering a solution that short cuts your workflow and makes you more efficient. From now on, you will concentrate on what you do best.

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Always keep your “setup file” up to date

Nubitus automatically receives data from the office

Start analyzing at the office while you are inspecting

Nubitus automatically sends data in real time

Stop losing time at managing files

No laptop required to send data to your office

Avoid losing time searching for files

Nubitus allows to search files based on a GPS location

Let your instrument step into the connected 4.0 industry

Nubitus works with any instrument with a USB port

Avoid losing your data

Nubitus immediately sends data to a secured server

Do not be forced to buy a proprietary cloud solution

Nubitus works with the server of your choice

Avoid bad inspection file made with obsolete configuration

Nubitus can receive updated configurations

Do not need your laptob on the field anymore

Nubitus sends and receives settings or inspection data

Nubitus solution is easy to integrate to your IT systeme

Inspectors could do more on the field

Managing inspection files is time-consuming and costly for businesses. Nubitus addresses this problem by automatically sending acquired data to the office without a laptop. The office gets the data seconds after each measurement is made on the field. Therefore, the inspection avoids losing files or USB keys. This is why inspectors should cover more ground on the field with Nubitus.

Level 3 can be more efficient by staying at the office

Moving a Level 3 on site is expensive and non-efficient. As you know, Nubitus automatically sends data from the field to the office in real time so reports should be done faster. Besides, it is really frustrating to receive inspection data without the right configuration. Nubitus provides you the chance to send last minute updated procedures or settings to the field in the snap of a finger.

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We have tested all these instruments

+ Sontest Prisma / Olympus Omniscan MX / Eddyfi Lyft / Carestream Radiography Desktop Solutions / GE Radiography Desktop Solutions / Olympus Vanta / M2M GEKKO … and more

Nubitus works with all high-end instruments with a USB port

Gain 10% time efficiency onsite

This analysis is made for an inspection company. The proportion of jobs requiring files to be transferred to a central server remains the same (75%) as well as the time required daily to transfer data to a central server (35 minutes). In that study, we do not calculate the traveling time send by a level 3 to go on the field. We do not calculate the time send by a level 3 searching for files on his server either. Therefore, you can understand how much you could save.

How many inspectors are in your business?

The analysis is based on 35min per day of managing files
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