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Health industry

Nubitus is offering a solution to transfer data safely in secured server. You would be able to save time and effort

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Medical imaging


Compatible with a secured server

Nubitus automatically transfers your data to a secured server

Receive data from anywhere

Nubitus can receive files from anywhere in the world

Encrypt your important files

Nubitus encrypts your files before sending

Leave no trace of your data in your key

Nubitus automatically erases your successfully transferred data

Compatible with any instrument

Nubitus is compatible with any device equipped with a USB port

Provide connectivity

Nubitus allow connectivity to an non-connected device

Free to choose your solution

Nubitus is compatible with the server of your choice

Reduce your IT needs

Nubitus pushes all your instruments data at one server regardless of the configuration originally needed

Update your devices remotely

Nubitus allows you to push data to each key connected to the same server

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Efficiency and safety should not be a separate reality

We know that research data or patients’ data is extremely sensible, so sensible that some researchers do not trust sending data to a normal commercial cloud remotely. They prefer to rewrite part of an experience or bring data physically with them on the plane for instance. Our key will have reassured you that each of your files is encrypted from the saving to the successful transfer in your own secure server.

Simplify your instrument data management

In your Lab or in your medical room there are different analysis instrument from many different companies. The issue is that each of these instruments has a different data transfer protocol. One has only a USB port, the other one force you to store your data in its cloud solution and the last one is connected with a wire. Nubitus allows you to transfer all the data from these instruments to the secured server of your choice. Thereby, you will reduce ITs demands.

Nubitus solution is easy to integrate to your IT systeme