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Connected solution, safe enough for the file management?

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What could be quicker to manage files in the field than automating the process with Bluetooth and Wi­Fi technologies?


A lot of NDT professionals are reluctant to opt for a connected solution, and it is understandable. Public cloud solutions or online services are often attacked; for example, in October 2016, LinkedIn has been hacked. This, for a company that has contract to honor and schedule to respect, is an unacceptable situation.

When we analyze it, we discover that the biggest security failure with the technology and automated process is the same as traditional file management: the human. In both cases, the user is the source of file manipulation errors, and everyone will agree. The more manual operations in a process, the more chances to make a mistake.

The way people use technologies influences the security of a system.
Which connection are they using: a private one or a public one? Do they opt for solutions with encryption or not? What is the destination of the transferred files: a cloud or a secure private server? The answers to all those questions explain why and how a connected solution can be secure or not for a company.

Firstly, the type of connection used will definitely influence the security of the transferred data. In fact, free network access are, most of the time, unsafe because data is being spied. To keep your data safe, it is better to get a data plan. Usually the price for this is $75 per month. Depending on the solution you are using, this amount will be quickly reimbursed with all the time saved by using a connected solution.

Secondly, the encryption is an additional security for data transferring. In the case of file management, the file transfer is a peer-to-peer application with 2 private solutions at both ends. The communication between the 2 peers can be encrypted; this brings the risks to a minimum. The encryption protects the integrity of the transferred information and also makes the data uninteresting to anyone that would like to use it.

The Nubitus USB cloud key offers you the possibility to use your own encryption method. When investing, it is always to change for a better solution.

Thirdly, the destination! The choice of the server you are using will substantially affect the risk of failure of your system. When you opt for a cloud, it is as if you are sending your information to the computer of someone else. That is why it is always better to get a secure private server or a properly secured solution.

What can be another source of security failure? An employee who loses his USB key. The connected solution is way more secure than a lost traditional USB key containing all your data. Because all data will be transferred to the server of the company even if the key has been lost. And with a good connected solution, it is possible to get options to delete every file once they are transferred or 10 days after the acquisitions. Some solutions also have the option to use a unique ID for each file transfer.

The traditional file management workflow involves a lot of manipulation.

When a file is manually transferred, it goes through a long process. Errors can happen at any step of it.

With a connected solution, the file management is done in only one step.

By automating this process, the risk of errors decreases considerably.

The only important thing to think of, is to always use a private connection and preferably a private server. All other options are interesting but must still be evaluated considering a balance between price, benefits, and risks.

If you still are not sure,

Amotus can challenge your security system or help you improve it.

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