We make your job simpler by offering a solution that cut short your workflow and make you more efficient. From now on, you will concentrate on what you do best.

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We are looking for distributors to help us build an interconnected and a safer world.

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We build a win-win-win situation

The Nubitus team wants to make sure you are comfortable being in our ecosystem. To do this, we know that it is important to help you generate value for your clients. We insist on creating a win, win, win situation.


  • Easy income: It is easy to create additional income.
  • Create value: You can enhance your own offer.
  • Business development: We put together our partners.
  • Marketing advantages: We will assist you in your sales.
  • Co-development: We will improve Nubitus to fit your challenges.
  • Training: Have access to our training content.
  • Support: Never worry about technical support.

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What we looking for

The criteria below are immutable, we want our values to be shared and conveyed by all our partners to build a long-term relationship.

  • Respect of our values.
  • Engage in the development and the success of Nubitus.
  • Structured with representatives.
  • Composed of a mature administration.
  • Already distributes to customers who save their data.
  • It would be even better if:
    • You had an online store.
    • You sell assets or integrity management software.

Two types of exclusivities


Depending on the region of the world, we give the distributor the exclusivity on a whole territory. The assessment of a territory must be discussed in private


We do not allow territorial exclusivity in every country. In that case, we give the distributor the opportunity to exclude 3 of their competitors of our distribution network.

Let’s meet first

We suggest booking a Skype meeting in the days to come. We are convinced, you will find in our product a great business opportunity.

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