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Avoiding Mistakes: 3 Questions to Answer Before Selecting Your NDT Data Solution.

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Most of the NDT market is aware that data management has become critical. Traceability is now a part of procedures and standards. Many inspection companies know that it is the key to success.

We would like to share our experience in the data management market with you. Most of the OEMs that came out with connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G) did introduce a commercial cloud solution such as Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC). OSC is hosted on Azur which means that it has a normal public cloud.

Others came out with a single brand solution: OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Workpad, Meridium, ScanBank, etc. They realized quickly that one solution cannot fulfill the NDT market needs.

Based on our experience, with or without Nubitus, there are 3 questions you should ask yourself before selecting a data transfer solution:


Some OEMs magically thought that everyone would log on to their solution without any further questions. We thought the same 3 years ago; but this is not how it works. Our most recent survey reveals that inspection businesses are giving up local servers to the profit of private or public clouds. Still, public clouds will only cover 36% of the market needs in the near future.

In addition, each customer (refineries, nuclear plants, bridges, etc.), using non-destructive testing, has its own requirements in terms of public cloud, private cloud, and local server. And customers’ standards are more and more strict about the data security. In our mind, it makes no sense to address less than 50% of the market. The key is to be flexible and open to any eventuality.

This is why it has been our target for the last 2 years to find a way to be compatible with each of the data management solutions. A company can now interface with a local FTP server as well as with a data management solution or any cloud solution.

Therefore, this is how we help OEMs with their connectivity. After all, we have done it with Nubitus successfully. And now, it has become a simple task for us to guide OEMs in selecting their data management solution.

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