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USB key automatically sending and receiving information through a cloud solution from anywhere in the world.

Nubitus Features

Nubitus is a connected tool which automates file management for any instrument or device equipped with a USB port. Easy to use, the Nubitus receives files from anywhere and transfers data automatically to your own private server or cloud solution without any manipulation.

  • Files encryption
  • Compatible with any cloud solution
  • Creates instant back up
  • Auto-delete after the transfer
  • Easy app to use
  • Automatically sends data
  • Receives data or configuration
  • Simple USB connection
  • GPS location
  • Support secured FTP server connection

Download our Nubitus app

With our simple to use Nubitus app, you will be able to manage every option available on the Nubitus key. You will have control over Wifi speed, FTP, FTPS and SFTP as file destination and options like bidirectional transfer, file encryption or file compression.


NDT industry

Nubitus is the perfect tool to improve the normal NDT workflow, ease the data transfer between inspectors level 1, 2 and 3, secure your acquired files, facilitated data searching on your server and a lot more. Nubitus works with every high-end instrument equiped with a UBS port.

Health industry

Nubitus is a perfect solution to transfer all kinds of medical information in a single secured cloud solution in an encrypted file format. Our experience in the health industry is pretty strong. Therefore, we know how important your time efficiency and your data security are important.

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